MMA Fitness - (5:00 am) This is a 60 minute class that combines components of MMA striking with a variety of HIIT, circuit, and core work. You get your cardio and strength training all in one. While there are common elements, no two workouts are the same. Whether your goal is weight loss, mixed martial arts, cross training for other sports, stress relief, or overall health and fitness this is the perfect way to start your day.


MMA HIIT Fitness (7:30pm) 40-minute high intensity class structured like a championship fight with a bonus round for your core! Come here to improve your physically and mental strength in a total body workout . This class combines MMA drills and body weight exercises to aid in your weight loss and conditioning goals. ALL fitness and age levels are welcome as you have the ability to customize the workouts to fit your ability and fitness level. You are sure to leave this class feeling like a champion!